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Spring has been slow in coming to Santa Fe, but trees are finally leafing out and fruit trees blooming. Just at the height of my cherry trees’ exuberant spring display, we were hit with a wild 2″ snowfall on the 22nd of April.

Late spring snow at night

It was so strange to see the snow piling up on the trees that night, and by the next morning, it looked like every twig and branch had been flocked!

"Who flocked the cherry tree?"

Blossoms seemed undamaged

What effect would this have on the cherry crop for this year….I was sure it was over.  But it soon warmed up and the snow melted that day. It’s been in the high 60’s since then, and the blossoms haven’t turned brown.  What about the bees?  I hadn’t seen many as I was walking around the yard, and thought they had been hit as well.  As it turned out, they were just waiting for it to warm up.                By mid-afternoon the trees were full of buzzing bees looking for something to eat. I then read on our local bee group postings that bees will wait until it gets above 50 degrees before they go out foraging, and I was just looking for them at the wrong time. As I was trying to take some photos of them, I noticed a variety of pollinators on the flowers…. including a number of mason bees. The bees are OK…… time will tell about the cherry crop this year!

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