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Pouring a 1:1 sugar solution into the hive feeder

It’s been a very strange summer here in Santa Fe.  It’s been very dry and even though the seasonal rains have begun, they can be spotty at best. As a result, there is a below average amount of nectar and pollen for the bees.  Add to that the fact that I started out with only 4 bars of comb.  I am concerned that the hive may not be strong enough to make it through the winter if the bees haven’t capped off enough honey. I have been feeding them sugar water all summer and this week I decided to give them a protein supplement, in the form of “protein patties” that I ordered from Dadant & Sons.

Protein patty

I simply  laid it on the bottom of the hive. Checking the hive today I saw that the queen was still laying with lots of capped brood. They have built two new combs and are filling them with honey. One of the combs is almost completely full.  The other is only partially built but is also full of capped honey.

Partial comb with top part filed with capped honey

It seems like they are slowing down and perhaps adding a protein supplement will help them stay strong through the rest of the summer . Hopefully we will get more rain and have a good fall blooming season. I ordered the protein substitute from Dadant and although they won’t release the ingredients, I have been told that it is a very clean and safe product.  I’ll check the hive next week to see how they liked it.

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