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After getting your beehive, getting the bees is the next step.   There may be local beekeepers that will sell some of their bees. Usually they don’t have many extra, so they sell out quickly.  I ordered some from a local beekeeper that sells honey at the farmer’s market, and he will have them for me in May; five combs of bees with a young healthy queen.  That will get me started.  But they also come with a top-bar hive, which means I now have two hives!  I want to get local bees, so I inquired from a beekkeeper north of Santa Fe; Zia Queen Bee.  I’ll let you know if that works out.

The second option is to order bees from a commercial apiary.  There are two large operations that folks in this area order from: HoneyBee Genetics out of California and Bee Weaver, out of Texas. Check out these two websites…..they are filled with information…and one could spend hours reading about bees and beekeeping.  If I can’t get any bees locally, then that will be the way to go.  The problem is that while the cost of the bees is comparable with the local bees, the shipping costs are very high, more than the cost of a single nuc.  So now I am trying to find local beekeepers who will go in with me and share the cost of shipping.

So now we just wait and see.

While waiting, watch this really good video about sustainable beekeeping: Saving the Honeybee: Hour of Decision

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