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Broken comb

It was so hot last month that one of the combs fell off the bar.  The bees have been cranking out a lot of honey and this comb was so full and the comb was so fresh that the heat caused it to drop off.  I figured something was wrong when I saw a big cloud of bees buzzing outside the entrance…. I had to reach in a pull out the comb. What to do?  I figured that perhaps if I made a pouch or out of bird netting I could replace it back in the hive.  I stapled one side of the netting to a bar, laid the broken comb onto it, folded the netting back up to the bar and stapled it ….pulling the comb close up to the bar. This way I could lift it up and replace it.  All went well.  This is one of the negatives of using a top bar hive…. there isn’t as much support for the comb as with the traditional Langstroth hive. Haven’t gone back in to check it out yet, but next week I plan to harvest some honey, so I ‘ll see how they reacted to my emergency repair!

Repaired comb

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