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Yes, I haven’t posted anything all winter. That’s mainly because there really hasn’t been anything to write about.  The bees have been hunkering down keeping warm and protecting the Queen.  There were periods of time when it got down to zero and stayed in single digits for days on end….. brrrr!   But both hives seemed to have made it through the winter.  Now when it gets above 50 degrees, they venture out for “cleansing flights” and I can see them in action. Yay!  ( Bees won’t excrete while in their hive, so they have to hold it until it’s warm enough for them to fly out. ) It’s still too early to open up the hive ( don’t want to chill the girls ) and assess the strength of the hive, but so far, so good.   I’ll give them another month before I check out the hive.

But I have been busy with bees…. bee art, that is.  I have been experimenting with making glass tiles. I cut the glass and then lay a stencil on top. Then I sprinkle black glass frit ( finely ground glass) over the stencil and carefully lift off the stencil. Then it goes into a kiln and is fired until the grit melts and fuses to the glass tile.  I think they came out pretty good for a beginner!  I have made a couple of them into night lights. Perhaps I’ll fuse a whole bunch of them together to make a large honeycomb!

Glass bee tile

Glass bee tile

So that’s what a beekeeper does in the winter!

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