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Two days after they kicked out all or most of the drones, I wanted to check inside the hive to see how the colony was settling in.   As I took off a few of the bars I saw that they really weren’t eating any of the sugar water. Couldn’t they find it?  Then I examined each of the combs.  They had eaten all the stored honey out of the comb and  weren’t drawing any comb. They weren’t too happy either, and they began buzzing and dive bombing me.  I got the hint , quickly closed up the hive and  set up a bee feeding station.  I mixed 2 cups of sugar with 4 cups of water and put it in one of the self watering bottles I used when raising my chicks last year.

Hungry bees at the feeder

To my surprise, they drank it all in just a couple hours!  Wow….they sure were hungry.  I have since read that many colonies will starve during this period between the spring and summer blooming period.  We’re in a real drought now….hasn’t rained in months, there is very little that is blooming, and this just adds to the problem.  No wonder they craved the sugar water!    Each day now I keep the feeder filled  and hope this will get them through this difficult period.  It’s been three days now since I started feeding them. Will check on them tomorrow.

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