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Last week a group of us from the Santa Fe Master Gardener’s Association had the opportunity to visit “For the Love of Bees“;  the farm of Les Crowder and Heather Harrell.

Les Crowder

Les was my first beekeeping instructor and not only did I learn all the details of raising bees in a top bar hive, but he and his wife Heather showed me how to handle the bees in a smooth gentle manner. Their farm is in a lush valley north of Santa Fe, and it is here they not only have their bees but also raise  medicinal herbs, vegetables and pollinator forage crops. They also have sheep, geese, chickens and turkeys, and sell their honey , herbs and veggies at the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market every Saturday.

Heather in her herb garden

They recently received a Western Sustainable Agriculture and Research & Education grant to turn their property into a demonstration site for pollinator forage species. This was the reason I visited them…to learn more about pollinator gardens and how to incorporate these plants into my landscaping plan.  Drought resistant shrubs such as peashrub, chokecherry, sand cherry, leadplant,  spirea and lavender are all good sources of nectar and pollen. Herbal perennials such as mints, angelica, St. John’s Wort, hyssop, comfrey and salvia provide additional food for bees as well as attractive foliage and color in the garden. Their farm will be one of 10 featured in the 16th Annual Farm Tour sponsored by the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market. This self-guided tour will take place Sunday, August 28 from 9 -3. If you are in the area and have the chance to visit Les and Heather at their farm, you will be in for a treat! Checkhere for more details of the tour.

Les and Heather at their booth at the Farmers' Market

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